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Foreign Business

Foreign-related Business

We are rooted in China and familiar with politics, economics, laws and policies with Chinese characteristics and relevant business operation mode and environment, so we can identify relevant legal risks comprehensively and deeply and know well the whole process of relevant business and the risk control measures of all links. Additionally, our lawyers in charge of foreign-related business are able to understand deeply the concern and demand of different clients depending on substantial business experience obtained from their work experience at home and abroad. And we have a large number of excellent partners at home and abroad who can help us to realize the localization of the legal services about transnational business, thereby providing one-stop, low-cost and optimized complete solutions for clients. We have provided good legal services for the domestic and foreign business of many transnational enterprises.

Business scope includes
Foreign Direct Investment
Foreign-capital Merger and Acquisition
Overseas Investment and Financing
International Trade
Other Foreign Affairs
Legal translation
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