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About us

Thinksunny Wuhan Law Firm  was initiated by a lawyer team with practicing experience in  international law firm. It was established after receiving approval of  the Ministry of Justice of the P.R.C., and its headquarters are located  at Wuhan East Lake High-tech Development Zone, Optics Valley of China.

The  core advantages of the Firm’s lawyers lie in their legal services in  the professional fields such as corporate business, investment and  financing, capital securities, real estate and infrastructure, external  affairs, etc.. In addition, the Firm’s lawyers also have good  performance in the litigation and non-litigation practice fields such as  intellectual property, resources and environment, rural areas and  agriculture, private business, dispute resolution, etc.. We have ever  served international companies, large state-owned enterprises, large  financial institutions, central and local government authorities,  central and local institutions, well-known high-tech enterprises,  colleges and universities and other customers. Our services involve  numerous industries and fields like high and new technology, real  estate, infrastructure, securities, finance, biology, medicine,  communications, resources, environment, chemical industry, manufacture,  agriculture, etc.. The Firm’s lawyers have handled a great number of  litigation and non-litigation services, involving accumulated value of  assets of over RMB 100 billion.

    Most  of the Firm’s employees graduated from domestic or overseas renowned  law schools and enjoy a master’s degree, or above, in law; and some of  the employees have international work experience, multilingual  competence and law & non-law composite majors background. This  enables us to have a deeper understanding of the legal service needs of  different industries and fields, so as to provide better legal services  for the domestic and overseas customers.

We  have commodious offices, perfect informatization office network and  equipment, good work environment, advantageous management system and  harmonious work atmosphere, all of which are important bases for us to  provide good legal services.

Creditworthiness,  professionalism, concentration and innovation are the ideas followed  and advocated by us for our legal services. Without creditworthiness,  one cannot find a foothold, and business cannot witness the prosperity.  We have set up a number of specialized legal service departments, and we  aim to be a professional and leading legal service provider. Innovation  is not only the driving force to promote our sustainable development,  but also the important guarantee for us to improve our legal service  quality.

Unity,  fraternal love, common progress and common prosperity are laws of  relation between the Firm and its employees. Each employee is deemed as  an indispensible human resource of the Firm, and development of the Firm  and growth of the employees are the most important double targets of  the Firm.

   Corporatization  management is adopted by the Firm, to eradicate the easygoing  management model in traditional law firms. Human resources and various  social resources of the Firm are allocated in a high effective way, and  we reject the chain-type development. The Firm’s senior lawyers and  related experts can form a strong work team, which can make full use of  the permanent office networks in and outside the province as well as  domestic and overseas cooperative institutions to optimize and combine  various social resources and thus to provide one-stop, low-cost,  optimized and complete legal solutions for domestic and overseas  customers.