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Real estate & Engineering

The lawyers in charge of real estate and infrastructure business of our firm are familiar with Chinese laws, policies and relevant business operation mode and environment, so they can identify relevant legal risks comprehensively and deeply and know well the whole process of relevant business and the risk control measures of all links. Additionally, they are able to understand deeply the concern and demand of different clients depending on substantial business experience. Therefore, we can provide targeted and innovative solutions for clients. We aim at owners/employers, developers, contractors, service providers, suppliers, fund provider, investors, house purchaser and government agencies. The building area of the projects we have serviced exceeds 1.5 Million square meters and the involved assets value is more than RMB 20 billion.

Business scope includes
Development of Real Estate
House sales contract
Demolition of Acquired land
Land Management
Real Estate/Infrastructure Financing
Property Lease
Operation Management of Commercial Property
Urban Village Redevelopment /Urbanization
Construction Project
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