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Sun Yang's doping case's enlightenment and viewpoints

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Surprised to learn that Sun Yang's doping case, which is widely concerned at home and abroad, has made the latest progress. The Supreme Court of Switzerland has ruled to rescind the previous CAS ruling concerning Sun Yang's eight year ban. Sun Yang has won a phased victory in this case, and his swimming career has continued. As a Chinese and compatriots, we are certainly happy. This is a perceptual response. But as lawyers and legal persons, we also need to look at this incident rationally. It is inconvenient to evaluate the merits of the case itself because it is not a party or agent of the case and does not know all the evidence and facts of the case. However, we sincerely hope that through this event, we can further refine and clarify the relevant arbitration procedures and rules, so as to make them more practical and operable. We also hope that this event can promote all parties to pay attention to the case We should respect the rules, abide by the rules, make good use of the rules to solve conflicts and problems, and safeguard the most basic values of fairness, objectivity and non discrimination in arbitration and litigation.

On February 28 this year, the international sports arbitration court announced that Sun Yang had been banned for eight years for failing to comply with the relevant provisions of the World Anti Doping Agency. Since then, many ordinary people, experts and scholars have expressed their views, some supporting Sun Yang, and some questioning Sun Yang. There is nothing wrong with ordinary people expressing their universal values from a non professional point of view. However, as experts, scholars and professionals, they should maintain an objective, rational, professional, non arbitrary and not one-sided attitude when expressing their views on this incident. It is not appropriate to make a definite judgment only by relying on the one-sided information obtained through the media or other channels as the facts of the whole case Yes, it's not a professional performance.

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