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Reply of the Supreme People's Court on the scope of application of the new judicial interpretation of private lending

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Guangdong Higher People's Court:

We have received your request for instructions on the application of law in the judicial interpretation of new private lending (ygfa [2020] No. 108). After research, the reply is as follows:

1、 On the scope of application. After consulting the financial regulatory authorities, seven types of local financial organizations, including small loan companies, financing guarantee companies, regional equity markets, pawnbrokers, financial leasing companies, commercial factoring companies and local asset management companies, which are supervised by the local financial regulatory authorities, belong to the financial institutions approved by the financial regulatory authorities, and their disputes caused by engaging in relevant financial business The new judicial interpretation of private lending is not applicable.

2、 The other two issues have been clarified in the revised judicial interpretation, please comply with them.

3、 This reply shall come into force on January 1, 2021.

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