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We provided special legal services for a Hubei limited liability company in debt restructuring & bankruptcy liquidation

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In view of the good performance of our law firm in terms of enterprise debt reorganization, liquidation, bankruptcy liquidation, disposal of assets and other aspects, a Hubei limited liability company commissioned our lawyers to provide debt restructuring, bankruptcy and liquidation legal services, including legal due diligence, debt restructuring, corporate dissolution, asset disposal, bankruptcy liquidation, etc,.  

   Company dissolution, bankruptcy and reorganization are the core businesses of our law firm. We have teams composed of lawyers, accountants, tax accountants, appraisers, asset management companies, and keep good work communication with related judicial authorities.

   Our lawyers have undertaken many companies’ dissolution, bankruptcy and reorganization of business including listed companies like TianYi Science and Technology Ltd., TianFa Petroleum Ltd., JiangHu Ecology Ltd. and other unlisted companies. The disposal of assets accumulates more than 60 billion yuan, and we have arranged more than 3,000 employees.

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