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Our bankruptcy reorganization lawyer team can do these......

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In order to meet the business needs or get rid of the difficulties, especially the small and medium-sized and micro enterprises in crisis, they can make the enterprises get rebirth by means of investment and financing, merger and reorganization of equity assets and debts, pre reorganization, reorganization, dissolution and liquidation, bankruptcy liquidation and other economic and legal means. The lawyer team of Wuhan enterprise bankruptcy reorganization lawyer network has rich experience in enterprise rescue and can do its best Help!

Dissolution, bankruptcy and reorganization, as an important way for enterprises to exit the market, restructure, or rejuvenate the Jedi, have been common in listed and unlisted companies. Our lawyers have rich experience and business experience in company dissolution, bankruptcy and reorganization. We also have a strong working team including lawyers, accountants, tax collectors, assessors, asset management companies, etc., and maintain good working communication with relevant judicial authorities.

Our lawyers have undertaken the business of dissolution, bankruptcy and reorganization of the company. A number of listed and non listed companies, including Tianyi technology, Tianfa oil and Jianghu ecology, have disposed of more than 6 billion yuan of assets in total. Among them, Tianyi technology and Tianfa oil have successfully carried out bankruptcy reorganization, which is the first domestic listed company.

We can:

He was appointed as the company's liquidation legal adviser to design the liquidation plan, debt recovery plan, debt repayment plan, asset disposal plan, employee placement plan, etc

Ø assist the enterprise to demonstrate, choose the opportunity and scheme of bankruptcy or reorganization, design bankruptcy plan, reorganization plan, debt restructuring plan, equity restructuring plan, asset restructuring plan, etc

Ø accept the appointment of the company as a member of the liquidation group, appointed by the people's court as the bankruptcy administrator and a member of the liquidation group for compulsory liquidation of the company

Introduction of strategic investors

Ø assist in evaluating the proposals and proposals put forward by different investors and financial advisers

Assist in obtaining approval from government agencies

Ø participates in the reorganization or bankruptcy liquidation of the company as the legal adviser of the company, the reorganizer, the shareholder, the creditor, the employee of the enterprise or the government department

Filing bankruptcy applications on behalf of creditors, debtors and other relevant persons

Ø the acting shareholder applies to the people's court for compulsory dissolution and compulsory liquidation

As the legal adviser of creditors and reclaimers, he participated in the bankruptcy reorganization and liquidation procedure

Ø to participate in the risk disposal of securities companies, trust companies and other financial institutions as entrusted by the regulatory authorities

Ø due diligence and assistance in obtaining third party consent and waiver

Debt restructuring and debt to equity swap arrangements

He acts as legal adviser to creditors, bondholders, lessors, suppliers and other related parties

Ø bankruptcy consultation procedure, cancellation right exercise procedure and claim dispute

Ø apply for recognition of relevant judgments and rulings of the court on behalf of domestic and foreign parties

Participation in bankruptcy proceedings and enforcement proceedings

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